Providing Services to Forward-Thinking Professionals and Clients

Want to know what a business is worth? We want to help. We prepare business valuation reports for small to large businesses including international.

Our goal is to prepare valuation reports that are easily understood by judges, lawyers, and their clients. This often leads to negotiations and settlement.

Considering selling your business? Maybe we can help.
We specialize in consulting related to the sale of mid-size businesses. We are not all things to all people.  If we are not the best organization to sell your business we will tell you and advise who you might consult.

We are Chartered Business Valuators (CBV’s) and the work we perform and the reports we prepare comply with the professional standards of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators which has been recently renamed to the CBV Institute. The CBV Institute has detailed standards for report disclosure, what work needs to be completed, file documentation standards and rules of professional conduct.

Key Advantages of Retaining Horsley & Associates

Jeff Horvath CBV, CPA, CA, HBBA

  • Firm has significant transaction and report writing experience.
  • Having completed 2,600 files we have a lot of similar business/circumstances experience we can draw upon to know where to look for hidden information or issues that need addressing and can also use this experience to keep our costs low in report completion.
  • Significant expert witness experience in various courts, in settlement conferences and arbitration/mediation.
  • Clients are assured of senior experience level involvement on their file.
  • We can use our forensic accounting training and experience to dig deep into the facts and market research to uncover purposely hidden information.
  • We have assisted in marketing business for sale and assisted clients in purchasing businesses with the related financing and we bring this real world actual experience to bear when preparing theoretical business valuation reports.

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