The Deep Research Method™

We created The Deep Research Method™ in order to get better results for our clients.

  • The Deep Research Method™ is a multi-stage process that uses advanced investigation techniques and market research to dig deeply into the facts.
  • Deep Work is the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task. As part of our Deep Research Method™, we employ Deep Work to enable us to dive into complicated data, pulling out connective threads, providing insightful analysis and judgement in order to obtain a superior analysis.
  • For each assignment, we perform a detailed analysis of what makes your business most attractive to the various buyer groups we have identified and assess the best way to present your information to the prospective buyers groups.
  • For each assignment, we perform industry research to determine unique industry factors and whether it is a good time to sell or not. We consider the current economy and expected future economy and how it effects your business and industry.
  • We consider each assignment a unique opportunity to create exceptional value for our client and the buyer.
  • We utilize the Value Builder System™ to properly assess 8 different value drivers of your business compared to similar size businesses in your unique industry.
  • For each business we assess the readiness of the business for sale and what could be accomplished to improve business saleability.
  • We arrange to perform due diligence on your information before it is presented to prospective buyers in order to identify potential problems/issues and to resolve problems/issues in advance.

Our merger and acquisition specialists are experienced in assisting companies and individuals in selling businesses – in transactions ranging from 1 million to over 60 million dollars.  As a result, we understand what is involved in selling a business and can help you maximize the returns and minimize the risks – whether you are selling a division or the entire company.

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