Shareholder Transaction and Disputes Services

Advising Corporate Lawyers and their Clients related to shareholder disputes and calculating value according to a buy/sell agreement or shareholders agreement. We have been involved with many files over the past twenty years.

In the context of Corporate Law we may calculate Fair Market Value or Fair Value.

With the right information properly presented, clients and their professional advisors are better equipped to make informed decisions.

Our goal is to prepare reports that are easily understood by judges, lawyers, and their clients. This often leads to negotiations and settlement.

Reports Related to Shareholder Disputes or Shareholder Agreements

  • Business Valuation Reports
  • Critiquing Business Valuation Reports of other Business Valuators
  • Preparing Forensic Analysis Reports
  • Accounting for Lost Profits (Breach of Contract)

Direct Assistance to Lawyers in Shareholder Dispute/Agreement Files

  • Assist with planning areas of investigation and requesting relevant information
  • Preparing Reports
  • Explaining the differences between two valuation reports
  • Attending Pre-trial Hearings
  • Attending Settlement Conferences
  • Attending Arbitration/Mediation Hearings
  • Explaining the differences between valuation reports or forensic analysis reports
  • Assist with preparing questions for Discovery and Cross-Examination
  • Providing Expert Witness Testimony and listening to other Expert Witnesses
  • Assistance to lawyers in preparing submissions.

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